As Educators we all know that the students in our Classroom all learn in different ways. Some learn best through doing, others by reading, some through artistic responses. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences help us focus on all the different ways of learning our students may be using.. Interesting reading on this topic can be found at

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As adult learners, it is an interesting exercise to consider how we learn…what happens in our ‘personal learning space’ .What processes do we go through to get the best out of our Learning. Are we able to be focused ‘Self Directed learners’, do we have a positive ‘Self Efficacy’, are we able to ‘Reflect’ on what and how we learn.

As part of my Online University studies we were asked to think about our Personal Learning Spaces,and how this influences our “Roadmap to Personal Achievement”.

This included us creating our ‘Personal 5 Step taxonomies’… Here’s mine.

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