“Experiential Learning occurs when students are fully involved in the Learning process. Learning is enhance when the environment is dynamic and has new experience and continual change.”….Carl Rogers (American Psychologist)

One of the times you will see Students at their most excited is when they are boarding a bus that will take them on an excursion, or walking down the corridor of their school to see a “visiting show”.   Their excitement is palpable!

But the lead up to these Excursions and Incursions requires quite detailed planning on behalf of the staff…hopefully this checklist, (download and print off), may make it a little easier, add to it as things arise.


Thanks for image : http://resources2.news.com.au/images/2012/11/10/1226514/374842-mikayla-carruthers-and-pitt-town-public-school-students-on-an-excursion.jpg