My thinking on a future Learning Space, involves thoughts around how learning within Refugee camps and Learning within schools around the world can be connected with each other. Yes , it involves the E-Space and Cooperative Learning, however it is more than that.

I found the UNESCO reading very interesting, and I was drawn back constantly to the themes of Peace and Understanding.

With this in mind I will be developing (on initial thoughts  !!) a future Learning Space called “THE INTERCULTURAL SPACE”.

I am hoping to develop ideas of :

  • Empathy
  • Connectiveness
  • Shared Humanity
  • A Respect of Heritage
  • A sense of Purpose and Hope…

It is my intention that this Learning Space will help to develop the shared understanding of peoples around the world by broadening their knowledge of each other .

A work in progress…..

Image retrieved from:

Zaatari Refugee Camp – Jordan