Its logical to be concerned about something that is new to you. We are all slightly nervous when meeting someone new, all slightly unsure of how the relationship will build.

If we were told we were to host a Syrian family in our house next week, we would all be a little concerned. Logically, we know they are simply people like us, but because we have never met them and don’t know their story its only normal to be nervous about the introductions. After all, we don’t know their language, we don’t know their culture, and few of us really know what is happening in Syria and why.

The unknown is what’s scary. Fair enough!

As adults, most of us have had very little to do with people from Syria, and other regions nearby. It is an unfamiliar place for us, and we have no true points of reference in relating to a person from a place such as Syria.

But would things be different if as children we had grown up communicating ,and sharing our learning with another Syrian child, perhaps one that lived in a refugee camp, or one that was still living in war torn Aleppo. How different would our understandings be, and how would this affect our understanding of the Syrian plight, or the plight of all refugees, as we grew into adulthood?

How differently would a nation of people that have grown up communicating with Syrian children, or children involved in any conflict, react to the current refugee crisis

Surely they would be more welcoming in accepting refugees, more generous in donating to refugee camps…more willing in general to help.

This potential shared communication as children ,could possibly lead to a more empathetic, caring world.  The world in general could be a better place, a more accepting place. a less divided place.

It could take but one generation!

If every child had a space where they could communicate with another child from a different background….but wait!!! Hang on a minute….


As Educators we are using the E-Space in our classrooms all the time.

What if we started using it as a tool for bringing students of the world together. To share their ideas, their life happenings, their ambitions….to  communicate and build bridges of understandings…. Perhaps through this shared building of relationships and understandings, in the online space can we hope for things to change.

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