It is coming to the end of my Semester studying  Learning Spaces….what have I got out of it? What are my understandings , what impact will they have on my teaching, and what will Learning Spaces entail in the future?

Initially, I am fairly sure most of us thought of Learning Spaces as being the physical space in which our students learn…. ie: the classroom. However becoming aware of the other spaces has broadened my thoughts of how, and where our students, and ourselves Learn.

Learning Spaces are evolving spaces.

As our world changes, so must our Learning Spaces. Twenty years ago the E-Space was limited, and now it is unthinkable to imagine Learning without it.

So, we have to remain open to new Learning Spaces…and be prepared to embrace them as they arise.

“The Intercultural Space” that I am developing as a Future Learning a space I hope more teachers and students will become a part of as time goes on. The Cultural  Understandings that can be developed in this space I feel are imperative as the world becomes both globally more connected, yet at the same time  increasingly divided.

People who have security,  are feeling threatened by people who do not! And a lack of understanding of each other is adding to the division. Perhaps if the children of ‘now’, develop a better “Cultural Understanding” of each other, they will become more compassionate adults of the “future’.


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