I admit it, and always have…I lead a privileged life. My children lead privileged lives. My extended family lead privileged lives. In fact each generation of my family  has prospered more than the last.

At this exact moment , two of my children are somewhere in Europe, travelling during their gap year. My other child is lunching and shopping with her friends in the city.

Seriously….how can  I truly understand  the traumas that have been experienced by  children , and their families  in The Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan…. To try to image is simply being presumptuous …and I feel like I am looking down from a privileged, protected pedestal , and giving advice on something I have no idea about .

Yes , I can try to imagine how I would feel, and react if my life was all of a sudden ripped from under us. But it is only imagining….not even close to the real thing. Have a look at the following article …

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“What’s in my Bag?”…. makes you think, makes you make a mental list of what you would take….but it is impossible for it to be as terrifying as the reality of it all.  The thought of having only a few items to sustain your family is unthinkable.

And so it is that I struggle with developing a Future Learning Space that is set in a camp such as Zaatari. I am reconciling these thoughts with the fact that although this Future Learning Space has the Zaatari Camp in mind…it can only be effective if it applies to all students , from all over the world.

If I was to try and develop a Future Learning Space for JUST the refugee camps, truly I would feel as if I was developing something without actually experiencing what the needs were. What a know it all I would be!!!

My concept of an “Intercultural Learning Space”….is just an addition to the previously discussed 6 Learning Spaces, with a focus on understanding and acceptance that can possibly lead to a change in how the people of the world see each other. And a place to start is with the children in the Zaatari camp.

Less of the fear and misunderstanding, and more of compassion , and acceptance.

I ‘think’ I am attempting to create a Space in which to build that compassion and acceptance. Or at least make it a priority in the realm of Education and Learning.

I’m hoping it will develop into a possible Space where stories can be shared, and cultures explored. …..we shall see.

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