Collaboration between teachers has always been a bit hit and miss… depending what school you are teaching in, you can either find yourself teaching solo, very much confined to your own classroom, producing your own programming and lessons, OR you can be part of a great teaching team, sharing ideas, programming tips, and teaching skills…

Obviously the latter is the best situation to find yourself in.

But what if we were to push your boundaries further, and include not only the teachers in the next classroom, but teachers on the other side of the world…perhaps in the Zaatari Refugee Camp.

What simple ways can we share ideas with each other……?

Instead of creating yet another program and trying to get it introduced, why not use platforms that already exist…. We as teachers just need to know they exist and be encouraged to participate. Create a Community of Practice that’s truly global.

The ‘Bridges to Understanding’ initiative within Teachers Without Borders, offers a platform for teachers to join up to their Group chats, share ideas, and ask questions.

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-10-04-43-pm            screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-10-04-59-pm

I am looking at establishing a Group within this platform, to  allow teachers from outside to connect, chat online, and share ideas with the teachers with the Zaatari Camp.

A work in progress yet again… waiting on my membership approval from TWOB to get this started….

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