As I quoted in my first post on this site way, way, back in the Semester..

“Learning is in the relationships between people” 

….Mark Tennant 1997

Wow, how true has that been over the last 12 weeks! Almost prophetic!

From the development of an amazing E-Community of Practice, to my final assignment where I am writing about a Future Learning Space  , “The Intercultural Space”that involves people from different cultures  making connections with each other. It has all been about ,

“relationships between people”….

The Learning that has been nurtured by the E-Community of Practice has been incredible. It never ceases to amaze me how people can devote time , (even though they are under the  same deadline pressures as everyone else) , to offer a suggestion of help that may solve someone else tech problem that has been driving them ‘insane’ all day.. thanks and praise to all those ‘leaders’ from EDFD 459.

As our lecturer Adam Staples has said to us many a time..(referring to our studies)

“This is not a competition”

But how long did it take for many of us until we finally understood this?

We were building ‘relationships through learning’… and we were “learning through relationships”. Yes we were looking to achieve a good grade, but the Learning we have done along the way is by far more valuable. If we had been doing this Learning as a “solo” journey, the results would not have been anywhere near the same. Definitely an ‘AHA moment’.

And so it is with The Intercultural Learning Space as well. The whole concept being built around connecting with others and sharing ideas and resources, cultures and stories, through the E-Space. Creating Cooperative, and Collaborative Groups that are forging a better way to learn, a more Global way to learn.

By people building relationships, we can build Learning as well.

It’s the Future Learning Space!