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Utilizing Social Media Platforms in Zaatari ….

Utilising Social Media within Education is a major part of “The Intercultural Learning Space”

It provides a way for the sharing of immediate and relevant information  between youth/teachers  in Zaatari and youth/teachers elsewhere. It is a space in which youth are comfortable in participating, and a Space they need to be a part of to be Global citizens of the 21 Century.

By using Social Media , students and teachers are creating global environments of the future. They are :

  •  Creating Connections.
  • Sharing opinions and views
  •  Encouraging interaction and engagement with others.

……and through this engagement comes LEARNING!

Two of the main E – Space Platforms for Social  Media, are Twitter and Facebook.

Both have a large presence in the Zaatari Camp, and will be the basis for the sharing of Digital Stories.


Using Twitter & Facebook as part of “The Intercultural Space”


One of the main Twitter feeds from inside the Zaatari Camp has been established by the UNHCR. It can been seen at  @ZaatariCamp.




This Twitter feed is a place where:

  • Zaatari Students can share their Digital Storytelling, and receive comments form youth around the world.
  • Zaatari Teachers can connect with other Teachers by sharing helpful resources through links.

Another Twitter site can be found at @ZaatariVoices




Facebook is the other well used Media Platform for Students and Teachers within Zaatari Camp.

@Zaatari Voices Twitter feed is linked to Zaatari Voices Facebook page.



Presently I am creating “The Intercultural Learning Space” Facebook page, where Digital Storytelling can also become a part of. There are examples currently on the page, hopefully this will be built upon as time goes on.








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