A Shared Learning Space

Sharing ideas on Learning Spaces in Education, for now and in the Future…..

A Future Learning Space.. The Intercultural Learning Space

Up until now our focus has been on the 6 Learning Spaces:

  • The Personal Space
  • The E-Space
  • The Group Space
  • The Classroom and The School Space
  • The Beyond the Classroom Space
  • The Liminal Space

An understanding of all these Spaces is important for us as Educators, however as the need for the world to ‘connect’ in ways never seen before increases, there becomes a need for teachers & students to ‘connect’ also.

This ‘connection’ can be fostered by The E-Space, through the use of Technology, and is based  on developing a  Shared Humanity, shared Empathy, and shared Understandings of Human Needs and Different Cultures, by working Cooperatively .

It is what UNESCO refers to as Intercultural Dialogue.

                               I am calling it


                …..a Future Learning Space.

“The Intercultural Learning Space”, will be built around the “Bridges To Understanding” a Teachers Without Borders initiative , The E-Space and The Group Space.


We talk of developing in our students skills for the 21 Century….but we need to be also including students that are in less privileged places than in our own classrooms.

Goal 4.7 of The United Nations ‘Sustainable Goals Program’ states:

“By 2030 …(we plan to) ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote ..a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship, and appreciation of cultural diversity…”


“The Intercultural Learning Space” will initially be centred within The Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan, as it focuses on sharing the Digital Stories from Teachers and Students within the camp, with the outside world…. thus creating the Intercultural Dialogue.


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